Monday, April 20, 2009

Egoistic Me!!

Read this slowly to get the insights of an Egoist!!

I patch
just to tear

I befriend
only for fear

I agree
just to break

I freeze
just to crack

I sense

but never feel

I fall in love

but never faint

I sketch
and never paint

I think
but never dream

I link
but never attach

I mind trade
and never the dealings

I have emotions,
but no empathic feelings

Never a sharpener,
but always a good shredder

In this life, full of trade-offs,
I am certainly, a very smart trader!!

Tried to portray the increasing ego, with the metres, as the poem progresses.
--sudharm baxi (my creation but not me!!)


Lokesh said...

your tow lines
"I sketch
and never paint"

touched my hart a lot...

Thanks for writing

Brosreview said...

This is decent enough!!!

sudharm baxi said...


Glad that you liked it.

niket said...

indeed u r a smart trader!!!

sudharm baxi said...

As i mentioned, the protagonist of the poem is not me, it is just coming through me man..

zorlone said...


I like the the way this poem was written. I have always been a big fan of opposites/contrasts used in the lines of a poem.


PS. I am also following you. Ajey aka Brosreview follows pretty good writers/poets!

Thank you for visiting my blog.


sudharm baxi said...


Thanks, tried to imbibe those feelings in the simplest yet deepest sense. Tried..

Anuj Shail Gupt said...

and ur tries have gone too far than just an amateur attempt...