Friday, April 24, 2009

Come out and Act!!

If you are a
part of the herd
I assure you, you'll
never be heard
Come out
Speak about
Share concerns
Learn lessons
Ask questions
Life is short
Take your shot
Or else keep regretting
if i had done this
if i had done that
History doesn't care about
those who regret
Praise songs are written
for those who beget,
those who initiate,
those who proliferate,
Unleash the
chains of dogmas and the
shackles of notion
Jump into the pool of
positivity and thus clean-off

every bit of negation


zorlone said...

You can lose yourself in the herd. You'll do what everybody does and start speaking as We instead of I.

The title is just fitting. Time to break away from the ordinary and to come out and attack the world to let yourself be heard.

I like this poem.


sudharm baxi said...


Glad that you liked it and very true, everyone has to be that someone who once in a while tries to come out and make the difference.

Everyone who finds a mention in history books belong to this very brigade of people.

Himanshu Jain said...

Good one dude !!

There is really magic in these lines which make you think of coming out out the 'herd' and join d brigade of those rarest different ppl....

I thing end of your project is proving good for this blog :)

niket said...

indeed a great poem.... very well said...

so may thoughts and quotes are written on this topic... everybody jus praises.... noboby follows..

sudharm baxi said...

Thanks a lot man, in fact you have also been that one rebel. Thanks..

Glad that you liked it. And very true, as they say - Knowing the path and walking the path are two different things.

Brosreview said...

AH, this is very strong. I can imagine this to be a provoking song. Well done!!! One needs to stand up and make him himself/herself heard. Great job!!! Keep them coming!!!

sudharm baxi said...

Glad that you liked it...thanks!!

lokesh said...

"History doesn't care about
those who regret
Praise songs are written
for those who beget,"

These lines are very effective and full of inspiration to speak out your feelings without any fear.

Whole poem is a good package to bring positiveness in any one.

thanks for writing

sudharm baxi said...

These are my favorite too. Thanks!!

Dave King said...

The positive thoughts make this. Well done.

maglomaniac said...

Rightly said-Come out and act
The photo that you chose is wonderfully in sync wid your poem.
"Unleash the
chains of dogma and the
shackles of notion"
thats wat z needed

sudharm baxi said...


Glad that you liked it, and recently started using photos after a friend's suggestion.

Viji said...

the last six lines stole my heart :) fantastic one...