Friday, April 24, 2009

Come out and Act!!

If you are a
part of the herd
I assure you, you'll
never be heard
Come out
Speak about
Share concerns
Learn lessons
Ask questions
Life is short
Take your shot
Or else keep regretting
if i had done this
if i had done that
History doesn't care about
those who regret
Praise songs are written
for those who beget,
those who initiate,
those who proliferate,
Unleash the
chains of dogmas and the
shackles of notion
Jump into the pool of
positivity and thus clean-off

every bit of negation

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Cleared exams

became a doctor

Took the oath of

being a protector

A job near to God,

with time became

more of a fraud

Indulged myself

in all the deceits, be it

a simple cesarean or my

other operational feats

These hands have

performed umpteen

unnecessary operations

On being paid enough

have killed lots of

God's pink* creations

Bleeding souls

that fear death

feed me with my

daily bread

Yes i feed upon

fear and not


For me, they are

mere products

on the assembly-line

troubled by God, and

sent to make

my wallet shine

Public service

Humanity, Love or


All subdued when

seen through my

money prism

*pink - girl (implying female infanticide)

Another 3WW, the three words were Deceit, Indulge and Oath.

--sudharm baxi

Master Stocker!!

Magnanimous master
Intelligent iconoclast
Rejected rewards
Rewarded 'rejects'
Occidental offbeat
Realistic reasoner
Sanguine stockist

This acrostic is dedicated to Warren Buffet (b.1930), owner of the famous Berkshire Hathaway, the best stockist of all times, known for his magnanimity and insight; a constant learner and a high-achiever. In these black days of credit crunch, recession and whatnot, his companies are least affected. I chose this acrostic (the word 'MIRRORS') to express my love for the best broker on the face of this planet.

With time, he saw in the mirrors (spiritual may be), the originality of life and the minimality of money, and hence donated every penny of his hard and smartly earned money for the well-being of the downtrodden.

I know i have breached many rules of ACROSTICS, but for Warren Buffet, i guess they are pardonable.

--sudharm baxi

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Acrostic 180409

Another Acrostic, consider it to be a slogan for a fictional social networking site called 'OPPORTUNITY'!!

penness is good, but it

Perversion and plagiarism, hence
Offer only
Thoughts and
Upload only

--sudharm baxi

Monday, April 20, 2009

Egoistic Me!!

Read this slowly to get the insights of an Egoist!!

I patch
just to tear

I befriend
only for fear

I agree
just to break

I freeze
just to crack

I sense

but never feel

I fall in love

but never faint

I sketch
and never paint

I think
but never dream

I link
but never attach

I mind trade
and never the dealings

I have emotions,
but no empathic feelings

Never a sharpener,
but always a good shredder

In this life, full of trade-offs,
I am certainly, a very smart trader!!

Tried to portray the increasing ego, with the metres, as the poem progresses.
--sudharm baxi (my creation but not me!!)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is she still mine??

Buried all the differences
Wanted to start everything new..
Reached the party
when the people were so few..

The diamond necklace on that
stunning black dress..
Beautifying the beauty as if
a dove in a cloudy mess..

Mustering courage
with the hope of a new dawn..
Buttoning the suit
i was even willing to fawn..

But my eyes signaled
something else to my mind..
She was with someone who
certainly was not her kind..

Sam - the flirt,
is what he was famously called..
The dude with the
French beard and a shaven bald..

She looked happy and
she looked calm..
She looked content and
still carried her charm..

My colors faded
faster than i thought..
I blamed myself for
the lost jewel i sought..

I was still sipping the un-cherished agony
when she approached with a glass of wine..
Told me about her ploy to open my eyes,
the clouds of lies with her lightening shine..

My heart beats paced,
the heart could sublime..
Mind was still furious but the heart
with joy stating - She is still mine..

--sudharm baxi
Thanks 3WW, the inspiration for this conventional poem, the three words were - Flirt, Ploy and Stunning.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weeping clown!!

The red nose and
the unkempt green hair

The red lips and my
skin utterly fair, they
all try their best
to hide my tear but
for how long? Already
holding that tear
for centuries now
Holding it and trying to

keep it always within
Never dared to share
Not because i was afraid
but only because
i am not supposed to
People say

You are a clown and
you can never frown, just
wear that silly gown and
accept the humility crown
Spread laughter,
Be full of fake joy
and never even think

of being thoughtful
But i am one, i too
have a family to run,
i too want to have some fun,
i too care for the poor
even though i am one
Barely i know where
to find my next meal,
barely i find clothes
that don't show something within
The excessive make-up
could no more hide the
wrinkles and the pain
And that one tear in my eye,
it refused to hold up
it rebelled and came out
leaving another ocean of
his mates to burn about
Life is harsh i know
for that very reason
i chose to be a clown
coz as they say a clown
has no burdens to lay

he is happy and gay
and is always required
to keep his tears and
his sorrows at bay...

Thanks to the wonderful graffiti at Poefusion, the root of inspiration for this abstract effort. (About the photo-'Weeping Clown' by Cesar Austudillo (a graffiti shot in Spain))
--sudharm baxi


An attempt at acrostic , inspired by Acrostic Only

Fun filled summers at

Riverside camps

Interesting relations with

Endearing romance

Never ending affection and

Deathly departures

Strongly felt love glued with

Hearty enthusiasm

Intermingled favors, all

Packaged as a gift called


--sudharm baxi

Previous immature pieces on similar topic at Friends indeed and Friends.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Varied Intoxications!!

I went to the bar
and sat on a chair
on being asked
I replied unaware

Enough of intoxicating my mind
Please STOP!!!
Don't offer me more..
I have spoiled myself already enough
If you really wanna help
gimme something to intoxicate my soul

Instead of the bottled
let me taste my own spirit
Keep me away from whisky
and let me be a little more risky
Enough of momentary pleasures
Give me a pleasure that lasts
No more i wish to get smashed
nor find any pride in getting zonked
In fact
no more reasons i find to be proud
no more i wish to lead the crowd
All my ambitions
have rested in this ocean
the ocean that was always within
but always ignored
Ocean that always remained unexplored
But not anymore

Not anymore
i wish to be a part of the herd
Not anymore
i wish to be an enclosed bird

Open up my cage and let me fly
Let me measure boundaries of the sky

No more i want colored drugs to try
No more i wish to experience a high
All i wish is to be lofted
lofted into the eternity
lofted into the divine serenity

This is not some drunkard
speaking after a couple of shots,
not someone who has had that in lots, but
someone who has drank a part of his spirit,
someone who doesn't shout at life - "I've gotit!", but
someone who has seen life in its entirety,
someone who has tasted the sweetness of spirituality

--sudharm baxi
Another prose, i know, but could not help;

thanks for bearing with me and giving it a read..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My crush crushed with such knack!!

He knew some magic he knew some charm
Out of so many varied tricks he knew
My life's magician mastered this one too

He had a particular knack for this kind of cheat
No devil could replace him from the top seat
He showed such unmatchable skill for that feat

By the time i realized
my crush had shifted gears

My prolonged longings
had become ever flowing tears
All i was left with were
a baby and all the worldly fears

My mind refused to work
my heart still facing quiver
My feelings succumbed to death
my soul died of an unknown fever

Tears roll down my life
Emotions flood my world
Feelings long evaporated
leaving behind a life so curled

No one can find my trust now
none i believe anymore
You squeezed my sweetness
leaving behind a life so sore

Smiles faded
Heart shivered
Memories haunted
Happiness crumpled
Relationship cheated
Sentiments crushed
Thoughts troubled
Spirit dissolved
Tears befriend

--sudharm baxi

Though a sad piece, but i am happy that i compiled this. Another of 3WW, the three words to be used were Crush, Knack and Varied.