Friday, January 16, 2009


Socialism – Industrial Revolution is a serious requirement for a nation to thrive. But rich individuals or business houses don’t aspire to bridge the gap between rich and poor. So, the state (read government) has to take responsibility to drive all the major industries. Whatever losses incurred, the rich should never be promoted to trade freely. There should be a lot of restrictions, regulations and bans on the private entities. The state should play the role of developing and managing the complete industrial base for the nation as a whole. This is Socialism.

Typical example - Post independence India under the visionary rule of Nehru, who envisaged a mixed economy, a government that would be a mix of capitalistic and communistic ideologies, where the state ran all the major industries and necessarily make the remaining dependent upon the state.

But things did not turn out, the way Nehru wanted them to. Bureaucrats enamored power and felt no shame in using it for the betterment of their own being. Bribing became a common phenomenon, from T.C to collector, from manager to peon, from tax inspector to sub-inspector; everyone employed under any government organization was corrupt.

Later on came Indira Gandhi with her stiffer, uglier policies of socialism – she nationalized all the banks (China still has all its banks owned by the government); imposed free trade barring acts like MRTP (Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices act). In her regime, came the era infamously called the License Raj, where a company was required to get licenses for almost every new act. You wanted to open a new shop; buy telephone, scooter; go abroad or for that matter anything which state felt like required license, you had to get a license. The same required a whole round of bribing starting from peon to the ministry.

As a result of all such (mal) practices and that too for such a long time, Bureaucrats gained more power and hence became more corrupt than ever.

But there was an uglier and much more unacceptable consequence bound to happen. The Indian businessmen created this hard and harsh notion, that here in order to run industries you have to be corrupt. A businessman before writing the first draft of his proposal/plan had to bear certain things in his mind:

  • No matter how good his plan was, he had to bribe the bank officials to sanction the loan.
  • No matter how he is killing his margin, he had to convince (read bribe) the ministry that he was doing it not for the sake of profits (A businessman starting a new venture and that too not for profit – how foolish!!).
  • Once the plan would go on track anyhow, there would be union troubles even before the first quarterly results would be declared.
  • Expanding the business would require more convincing (bribing) than starting the same.
  • In no case he could think of promoting the business oversees, pertaining to the strict laws with regards to exports and foreign trade practices.

(JRD always felt bad for not being able to convince Nehru (also Indira) about the benefits of a private enterprise parallel to the one owned by state)

So, what socialism did for Indian private companies willing to grow was something like this –
They kept on pouring acid instead of water to the seeds that were sown by someone else (private houses). Knowing the fact that the seeds would require proper care and nurturing and above all water, they still poured acid. Certainly, they killed most of the seeds; the plants were nipped in the bud. But the ones that were able to thrive even upon acid-care, Can you even imagine them to be any fruitful to the nation building. No they can’t. They can’t conceive any fruits for the people of the nation (who anyways were willing to eat anything that came their way, pertaining to the prolonged hunger and the prolonged beatings by the mighty).

The businessmen became corrupt from the root itself. Tax-theft was no more considered a theft, illegal imports, bribing the officials for official/unofficial sanctions, bending jurisdiction as per the trade requirements with the aid of contacts and the green notes became a daily practice. From a small kirana-store to the million-dollar business house, all lost their ethics, their morality; all they knew was how to get rid of the ugly, sticky clutches of the socialistic beast, Nehru created (though unknowingly).

But times have changed ever since India adopted the free trade practices. Now Indian companies are buying out their foreign counterparts. And there are enough of initiatives by the government to pour water instead of acid.

Paulo Coelho

I have particularly liked Coelho ever since i read 'The Alchemist' because of the simplicity in his writings. He tries to teach life lessons that are so simple but all forgotten, all buried in the sands of civilizations. He is the guy who is removing the sand. For me he is a cleaner, a soul cleaner.

There are gurus who say do this dhyaan, asana, Samadhi and whatnot, and we forget all that, minutes after listening. But Coelho is different, he is a simple story-teller with that grace, that aura, and that magic to transform the complex life lessons into easy, comprehensible and good to read fables.

You always wish to live in the world, in the shoes, in the troubles of the central characters of Coelho. Be it the girl who decided to die (Veronika decides to die) or the guy who was willing to cross deserts to attain his much desired treasure (The Alchemist), or the girl willing to learn magical powers (Brida) or any character for that matter.

You actually think what if I get to experience all this, but here is the trick, Coelho through his lessons want to convey one very strong point and that is – You need to experience everything in this life yourself and no one is going to actually teach you any of those strange or mundane or whatever things. You have to be a self learner.

You have to go through the pond of wealth as well as the creek of bitter life yourself. Life and time are bigger teachers than anything else ever existed on the face of this planet. So, I sincerely request you to read Paulo Coelho, he may sound silly, insane, or childlike at some instances but he is actually a connector between the unknown, unidentified being and the small us.

This spiritual extravaganza awaits anyone who wishes to explore, who is willing to remove the dust off the lid. One who is eager to take pain, suffer at the hands of the society, the customs, and the dictums to find the unknown will be the one who is going to find true spiritualism, true eternity and will eventually become the flag-bearer of the coming generations.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lover or a ..

On a lighter note i penned these lines yesterday..

Her wink suggested she has brought something
And somehow I had to get rid of the friends crowding

Once I did so, how I don’t really remember
She grabbed me by my arm and took me to a corner

We sat on a two sitter
And she started her famous chatter

Unpacking the food
She looked so good

Her food was not exactly delicious
But she certainly looked very gracious

I ate like a hungry fox
Knowing I would later require a Maalox1

Not that she forced me as such
But as always I was obliged pretty much

She said she would bring more next time
And I was constantly thinking about some lime

Being with me she considered her luck
But I was more worried of my stomach

She departed saying meet you at dinner
Oh man this girl is a lover or a hired killer……..

1 Maalox is a trademark drug for relief from indigestion and other common stomach ailments.

Kill Me ! ! ! !

People say
Don’t stop things in between
Then why you leave me half alive

Kill me
I’m already half dead
Kill me
I am terribly sad

Kill me
I carry my dad’s ambition
Kill me
I say no to addiction

Kill me
I dare to speak
Kill me
My moral doesn’t leak

Kill me
I refuse to bribe
Kill me
I don’t belong to your tribe

Kill me
I abhor plagiarism
Kill me
I adore patriotism

Kill me
Please please kill me

Before I create my own paws
And start tearing and bending the laws

Before I find pleasure in cocaine
And my dad’s ambition utterly insane….

Kill me!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Me - You

Me Hindu
You Muslim..
Me Christian
You Jew..
Me Capitalist
You Communist..
Me Secular
You Fascist..
Me Modern
You Chauvinist..
Me God's Child
You Devil's Pride..

All this goes no where
But you don't dare you don't care..

Why i fight the stream
Why i try to scream..

Let the other guys fight and die
If necessary in the court i would lie..

I am not concerned with people dying, children crying
Most of the times they are lying

Yes they lie when they say they are dead
To check I kick them hard in their head

They say I don’t care I don’t dare
And I tell you I won’t dare till I go bare

All i am concerned with is my pocket
And my wife’s ring and her diamond studded locket….

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hunger - IMMORALITY harbinger?

Ethics, morality, patriotism and all the wonderful attributes of a noble person don't exist for a hungry man.

You steal
You kill
You cheat
You hit

Not because you are morally disinclined

but because you have not had

a roof
for years,
a bread
for days,
for hours,
for the dying mother,
for the unmarried sister,
for brother's education

and above all

for raising a living..

Everyone is born with whiteness inside
but sooner or later that is put aside..

You can stick with truthfulness
until you have encountered the worldliness..

Go out with a white shirt on
Try your best to keep it on..

I mean don't allow it to be tainted
don't let your spirit be fainted..

Soon your bones would be visible
and stealing would look more feasible..

Still somehow you protest
Give cheating a look so grotesque..

But the world out there is willing to spoil you
Neither they like your white shirt nor the whiteness within you..

They don't believe in healing or curing
all they know is spoiling or torturing..

They dig in to your roots to kill
every truth telling pill that can take you to the hill..

And history is evident that those with white shirts still white end up in grave sooner than others
Those with their ethics still intact, morale castle-high and spirits unadulterated, end up as Stickers..

Don't take me as if i am proclaiming the fact that all the acts of indiscretion are because of poverty, oppression, depression or suppression. There are filthy creatures on the face of this planet who do so because they don't find anything wrong about it.

More about such creatures in my next poetic endeavor… :)