Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weeping clown!!

The red nose and
the unkempt green hair

The red lips and my
skin utterly fair, they
all try their best
to hide my tear but
for how long? Already
holding that tear
for centuries now
Holding it and trying to

keep it always within
Never dared to share
Not because i was afraid
but only because
i am not supposed to
People say

You are a clown and
you can never frown, just
wear that silly gown and
accept the humility crown
Spread laughter,
Be full of fake joy
and never even think

of being thoughtful
But i am one, i too
have a family to run,
i too want to have some fun,
i too care for the poor
even though i am one
Barely i know where
to find my next meal,
barely i find clothes
that don't show something within
The excessive make-up
could no more hide the
wrinkles and the pain
And that one tear in my eye,
it refused to hold up
it rebelled and came out
leaving another ocean of
his mates to burn about
Life is harsh i know
for that very reason
i chose to be a clown
coz as they say a clown
has no burdens to lay

he is happy and gay
and is always required
to keep his tears and
his sorrows at bay...

Thanks to the wonderful graffiti at Poefusion, the root of inspiration for this abstract effort. (About the photo-'Weeping Clown' by Cesar Austudillo (a graffiti shot in Spain))
--sudharm baxi


Brosreview said...

I felt sad as I read this one. Every presume that a clown spreads laughter because all is going jolly good for him/her. I mean, you could substitute the "clown" with any humorous person who spreads a smile.

But, at one point, he/she is taken for granted and misused. Great thoughts here!!!

Umm, however, you could polish this Sudharm. No offence. It is very good. Make it great.

sudharm baxi said...


So very true, and would surely try polishing it..

Thanks for dropping by..

Dave King said...

I liked this very much. The sadness and drama of the true clown came through delightfully, I thought. (As delightful as sadness can manage!)

Michelle Johnson said...

Hello Sudharm~ How nicely you've brought out the emotions of the person portraying the clown. We often think clowns are supposed to always be happy when in fact they are human and have real life problems just like everyone else. Well written. The picture isn't mine but, most of my readers copy to their page and do as I did by acknowledging the artist. The artist's name is Cesar Austudillo. Hope that helps. Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by Poefusion.

sudharm baxi said...

Glad that you liked it, and your comments are always appreciated.

Thanks for dropping by, the nice words and the photo.

Prithu said...

very good posts sudharm. This is my first visit to your blog, namrata send me your link. I'll tell about this discovery to my blogger friends, they'll definitely like it. Cheers!

sudharm baxi said...

hey Prithu,

Thanks for dropping by, and many many thanks to Namrata and you for sharing the link..

Viji said...

sad but true... you have a knack of picking topics to write..

it reminded me of mera naam joker... the tears hidden behind a wide plastic smile...

sudharm baxi said...

So very true, that was a sincere attempt to portray the hidden pain behind the smiles of a clown.

Lokesh said...

gr88 yaar...deep thoughts...

Thanks for writing

maglomaniac said...

Indeed I must say.
Wonderful picture,It is so sad.
And you wrote perfectly in unison.
I must say Justice is done.

sudharm baxi said...


Really feel good that you liked it. Wanted to break the monotony of my poetic style and hence this piece, rhyming but no rhyming, sad but no sad kind of..

Thanks for loving it and dropping by.

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