Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Master Stocker!!

Magnanimous master
Intelligent iconoclast
Rejected rewards
Rewarded 'rejects'
Occidental offbeat
Realistic reasoner
Sanguine stockist

This acrostic is dedicated to Warren Buffet (b.1930), owner of the famous Berkshire Hathaway, the best stockist of all times, known for his magnanimity and insight; a constant learner and a high-achiever. In these black days of credit crunch, recession and whatnot, his companies are least affected. I chose this acrostic (the word 'MIRRORS') to express my love for the best broker on the face of this planet.

With time, he saw in the mirrors (spiritual may be), the originality of life and the minimality of money, and hence donated every penny of his hard and smartly earned money for the well-being of the downtrodden.

I know i have breached many rules of ACROSTICS, but for Warren Buffet, i guess they are pardonable.

--sudharm baxi


sharad said...

well...all i want to say tht the world's richest man work pretty much like a MARWARI shopwoner..The philanthropist doesnt believe in using mobile phones and he still live in his old 3 BHK in Omaha...he doesnt believe in credit cards....thts why his Firms are not in RED despite of d global u, i m also a fan of this benevolent personality....

sudharm baxi said...

I always knew that you too are a big fan of him. And so true that he is such a simple person with simpler likings and an unbound passion towards his work.

sharad said...

well...people like those who r similar to themselves... u r doing great job buddy.....wud love to see u writing abt Wilma Rudolf,Steve Jobs,oscar Schindler etc...