Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hunger - IMMORALITY harbinger?

Ethics, morality, patriotism and all the wonderful attributes of a noble person don't exist for a hungry man.

You steal
You kill
You cheat
You hit

Not because you are morally disinclined

but because you have not had

a roof
for years,
a bread
for days,
for hours,
for the dying mother,
for the unmarried sister,
for brother's education

and above all

for raising a living..

Everyone is born with whiteness inside
but sooner or later that is put aside..

You can stick with truthfulness
until you have encountered the worldliness..

Go out with a white shirt on
Try your best to keep it on..

I mean don't allow it to be tainted
don't let your spirit be fainted..

Soon your bones would be visible
and stealing would look more feasible..

Still somehow you protest
Give cheating a look so grotesque..

But the world out there is willing to spoil you
Neither they like your white shirt nor the whiteness within you..

They don't believe in healing or curing
all they know is spoiling or torturing..

They dig in to your roots to kill
every truth telling pill that can take you to the hill..

And history is evident that those with white shirts still white end up in grave sooner than others
Those with their ethics still intact, morale castle-high and spirits unadulterated, end up as Stickers..

Don't take me as if i am proclaiming the fact that all the acts of indiscretion are because of poverty, oppression, depression or suppression. There are filthy creatures on the face of this planet who do so because they don't find anything wrong about it.

More about such creatures in my next poetic endeavor… :)


richa said...

mast hai yaar..
tum toh Poet ban gaye ho.. :)
innovative time utilization.. :)
Well Done..!!

lokesh said...

gr8 dude..............keep it up.............
waiting for next one....

VARUN said...

Too Good...

dnnowho said...

Gud yaar...i thought u've copied it from somewhere just like a true IT guy...
and d way u've used the words to rhyme..
left me speechless at times...
aahha me too..
gud poem but..keep going

KHUSHAL said...

It seems to be awesome. Really what the rhyming words u have used and the meaning of the whole looks very clear in the first reding but I am also telling that some of the I did not understood but it is a good start!!!!!! Keep doing this!!!!!! And I am waiting for the next innovative work!!!!!! God Bless!!!!!!!!

Hemlata D3H said...

Really nice work....A gr8 thought moulded into beautiful words...!keep it up...!

Dhoal said...

Awesome..!! mast hai yaar.. tum toh Poet ban gaye ho.. :) innovative time utilization.. :) hehee.. Well Done..!!