Monday, January 12, 2009

Lover or a ..

On a lighter note i penned these lines yesterday..

Her wink suggested she has brought something
And somehow I had to get rid of the friends crowding

Once I did so, how I don’t really remember
She grabbed me by my arm and took me to a corner

We sat on a two sitter
And she started her famous chatter

Unpacking the food
She looked so good

Her food was not exactly delicious
But she certainly looked very gracious

I ate like a hungry fox
Knowing I would later require a Maalox1

Not that she forced me as such
But as always I was obliged pretty much

She said she would bring more next time
And I was constantly thinking about some lime

Being with me she considered her luck
But I was more worried of my stomach

She departed saying meet you at dinner
Oh man this girl is a lover or a hired killer……..

1 Maalox is a trademark drug for relief from indigestion and other common stomach ailments.

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