Friday, October 2, 2009


Raging bull
Lurching lion
Fearless dragon
Ali's ferocious scion

Seeing him fight
was such a sight
Half a dozen from the left
Half a dozen from the right

Blow after blow
his opponents went slow
Then that famous blow
that full-stopped the show

Had received
multiple blows
but could not handle
that one blow

Had so many
on head, but
could not handle
one on heart

Always thought
he had a strong body
but never realized the
weakness of his heart

A heart
that got crushed
at a single

The heart
that loved and
asked for no

The same heart
now has stripped
him of all his

Leaving him
with an unseen wound
and enormous
memory showers

Life for him
was a roller-coaster ride
and now he is thinking of
different ways of suicide

About his fate
he is still in doubt
Out of
umpteen matches
why this
particular 'match'
was chosen for

--sudharm baxi


maglomaniac said...

A single blow on heart and thats it-
A knockpout.
Nicely told.
Opening para rocked and set the pace.
I dunno but just a small thought of mine.I somehow feel that in the last para if 'this' had been emphasised more than the 'match',myt be the point would seem more bold.
But at the same time if you are referring to match as the match(as a love match),then I am in agreement with your thoughts.


sudharm baxi said...

You got it right the second time, it is the match..the love match.
And thanks for the nice words about the opening lines...The remaining piece is not as strong :(

ankit said...

"About his fate
he is still in doubt
Out of
umpteen matches
why this
particular 'match'
was chosen for

-Quite soulful....again the same genre......

maglomaniac said...

Hey,who said bout the remaining piece;)
I njoied it buddy.U see generally a thing which duels with us surfaces far more than the ones wading happily with us.
As far as the rest is concerned we both were in agreement:)


sudharm baxi said...


Can't much help with the genre buddy, I am more into gloomy, dark poetry than vibrant, colorful ones..

The pleasure was all mine.. :)

richa said...

quite touching... :)

hjain285 said...

Buddy get out of this dark,gloomy genre and now write something jolly and cheerful one.....
And I know dis will be easy for you to write now... esp. after your engagement.... lolzzzz...

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Anonymous said...

I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

Anonymous said...
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Himansu Jain said...

Boss kya hua pen main ink khatam ho gai kya?

Anonymous said...

Hi there

Just wanted to show my appreciation for your time and hard work

Anonymous said...

Nice post, kind of drawn out though. Really good subject matter though.

Anonymous said...

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maglomaniac said...

long time since you wrote something...