Monday, February 2, 2009

Front seaters - Back benchers

This post is a consolidated effort of all my fellow movie goers and me.

What are the benefits of sitting in the first (in worst case second) row in a movie theatre (read Multiplex):

  • No pain of finding the seat.
  • Enter the hall and here is your seat.
  • You watch the movie afresh, it gets worn out after passing through eyes of so many sitting in front rows.
  • We get to see the minutest details of the movie.
  • You are amongst the best of the lot, all these guys are your fellow back benchers in various institutes around the globe.
  • Full leg space, stretch your legs as much as you want without worrying about anyone.
  • Don't like to lower your head, use front rows and keep it high always.
  • Movie ends and out you go, no need to wait for the uncle or auntie to clear stairs

So, by now, you must have left the wrong notion that guys buy front row tickets, because they are cheap.

No man no.

They buy them because of the reasons mentioned above.

What say front seaters (syn: back benchers)?

What say all my fellow movie goers??

Feel free to add, i am sure i have missed out quite a few...


lokesh said...

hahahah....gud one :)

Debashish Mukherjee said...

abe sahi hai....i guess if i could ve add anythin to it..but i guess i can't..gud 1..!!

niket said...

boss!! you covered all points...jus one thing to add that we always lead people, the main reason to sit in front....hahaha