Thursday, February 19, 2009

Smile - Joviality Transmitter!!

Here in this post i would like to share something that i have discovered recently. I call it a discovery because it was ever existent, known to many maybe, but never realized and practiced. And pertaining to my altruistic, philanthropic nature, i ought to share it with you..

Do you realize how scarcely we smile, how we have almost forgotten how to smile. Try to recollect - Your mom's face when you left your home for studies or job; a mix of care, fear and love beautifully encompassed in the teary smile. This smile was pure, straight from heart and selfless.

Smile is one of the most beautiful gifts; which i am not sure if is adorned only by humans because i have seen monkeys, donkeys, owls, cheetah cubs and particularly dogs and cats smile. So, why not make full use of this gift, why not smile in all the situations of life - good or bad, tough or easy.

There are umpteen benefits of endowing a smile in the tougher times of life:

  • A smile creates an atmosphere of positive energy.
  • A smile shifts mood from sad to happy and happy to happier.
  • A smile always signifies calmness, laugh can not boast of this.
  • Smile makes you livelier, jollier and much more adorable over the period of time.
  • Being contagious, it relieves tensions, worries and the troubles not only you but also others around you.
  • A smiling face emanates - happiness; contentment; high energy level; welcoming and accepting attitude.
The mojo possessed by smile is not something that a hearty laugh can boast of. The technique was employed by Boman Irani in Munnabhai-MBBS, he actually laughed heartily whenever he was in tension and suggested that it is a good technique to relieve him from tension.

But i feel a smile comes more naturally than a laugh.

  • You meet your dear ones, you smile and not laugh.
  • You see a cute puppy on the road, you smile and not laugh.
Hence, we are (if not can be) more prone to a smile than a laugh. A smile is more personal than a laugh. A person is at his honest best when he is smiling, he is his own true self and that too through his own eyes (try hiding your mouth and than smile and see your eyes smiling). A laugh when cherished in memory can lead to a beautiful smile.

Initially it would be tough for you to adorn this jewel, this crown of smile; it would be like wearing an Armani tuxedo in the company of beggars. Yes it would be tough, because over the period of time we have been taught to be serious. So, you need to condition your mind with the benefits of wearing a smile.

  • This would be like that flowing river which flows on and on smiling, creating lives all over.
  • This would be like that tree which is so very happy to give shelter, fruits and whatnot to the fauna.
  • This would be like those flowers which are so welcoming to the bees.
So, the mantra is smile whenever you feel worn out, smile whenever something troubles you; use this infectious perfume to spread happiness all around the globe. Wear this perfume wherever you go, in the process you will not only enlighten your own self but also the lives of all your dear ones. The aroma, the charm of smile is going to glorify your life and let you exude gallons of positive energy all around.

Smile - This investment only knows hefty and merry returns and nothing else, always!!!


manish said...

hey man...I really appreciates ur thought for a was really a discovery and very well expressed...but it really needs a selfless and childish heart to have that sweet pleasure of smile...
The real pleasure of smile comes when u smile on your teacher or boss stupidness (becoz u cant laugh in front of them)and he get energised for doing more stupidity by ur smile.....
but beaware dont smile before ur boss might cost u ur job....

sudharm baxi said...

Thank you!!

And i am not trying this smile mantra in front of my boss unless i have gone to get my leave approved.

manoj chhangani said...

hey..i read ur blogs( not socialism one..). the blog on diana was really it seems like u r sending some message in disguise.....for ur was really good...
And In the blog of frontseaters u will definately get blessings of them....becoz of feel good factor u had given to them......

richa said...

hey so soon.. :)
nywys as i said, would add something to ur post..

Smile in Pleasure,
Smile in Pain,
Smile when troubles shower like rain,
Smile when someone hurt ur feeling..
coz we know, SMILE is a healing..!!

sudharm baxi said...

Thank you Manoj!!

Well said Richa..!!

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Very good philosophy! It is true that when you smile not only does your own mood lift, but it lifts the mood of those who see it. And, we could all use more positive energy!