Thursday, February 26, 2009


From the pen of a kid (my keyboard of course) who wants nothing but his friends around wherever he goes, whatever he does.

Life without friends....

Industry without shifts
Building without lifts

Father without heed
Moral without deed

Restaurant without food
Bike without hood

Shadow without light
Democracy without right

Sun without heat
Body without feet

Sleep without dream
Cake without cream

Life without friends is unimaginable
Lessons without them are incomprehensible....

Straight from the gut i declare
These are the guys on whom i swear

But in pain and in sorrow
When i have no choice but to borrow

They are the one who say
cheer up baby
This is just a rough time
don't go crazy

I know this life is full of
ups and downs
But my friends are here to
up the ups and
drown the downs

To narrow the lanes
Between love and care
magic and charm
and make my cold life
lovely and warm.

Thanks to all those who came into my mind while penning this.


manoj chhangani said...

hey...thanx for writing a poem for friends like us......U sounds to be a good poet ...(especially the last two stanzas)....I think..i may appoint you as a writer for my autobiography.....keep working dude...

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

How true. Life without friends would be: "Shadow without light."

I'm glad you were inspired, Sudharm, and thank you for sharing your link! You must have great friends.

richa said...

woww..So u have become a good writer huh..
how abt a book?? think over it..
hey by d way i hope i came into ur mind while u were penning dis :D

sudharm baxi said...


The pleasure would be all mine if i get to write your biography :)

@Every Photo..


Debashish Mukherjee said...

The flair of writing is in u.....
very simple..but very good stuff too read....

Dude..mere bhi kuch khdardan badoo....!!

nice poem.....!!

Amias said...

A wonderful tribute to friendships, and so poetically on target! I enjoyed reading this.

sudharm baxi said...



Thanks a lot..