Friday, February 27, 2009

Fly bird fly

Fly bird fly
the sky is waiting

Fly bird fly
horizon awaiting

Fly bird fly
There are boundaries to merge

Fly bird fly
With your profound upsurge

Go about
with courage in your heart

Chase mountains
with the well learnt art

Cross seas
Cross continents
Cross the mighty earthly gown

Act as that shining beacon
that doesn't
let us settle down

Go bird go
Ignite the spirits
Burn procrastination

Coz you are the one
who give us that
sense of satisfaction

That someone up there
is faithfully
playing its part

That someone up there
knows how to merge
duty with art



Debashish Mukherjee said...

i am not sure which bird are urging to fly.....!!
but thoughts are nice...very well put together as usual...:)

Pam said...

I felt that the repetition of "fly bird fly" works like the wing beats. Nice rhythm in this section of the poem.

niket said...

Something for u bro.....

udd panchi aise udd
jaise ye aasmaan tera hai.....

udd panchi aise udd
jaise dariya ke paar wo kinara tera hai....

udd panchi aise udd
jaise saagar ki gaharaayi se gehra vishwaas tera hai...

sudharm baxi said...

@ Deba, @Pam



Udane ki chaah hi to hai
jo is panchi ko pinjare mein bhi jeene ki raah dikhati hai...