Friday, January 9, 2009

Me - You

Me Hindu
You Muslim..
Me Christian
You Jew..
Me Capitalist
You Communist..
Me Secular
You Fascist..
Me Modern
You Chauvinist..
Me God's Child
You Devil's Pride..

All this goes no where
But you don't dare you don't care..

Why i fight the stream
Why i try to scream..

Let the other guys fight and die
If necessary in the court i would lie..

I am not concerned with people dying, children crying
Most of the times they are lying

Yes they lie when they say they are dead
To check I kick them hard in their head

They say I don’t care I don’t dare
And I tell you I won’t dare till I go bare

All i am concerned with is my pocket
And my wife’s ring and her diamond studded locket….


richa said...

yeh tumne likha hai??
if yes.. u shud be a writer yaar.. yaha IT mein kya kar rahe ho?
last one was Good, this was BETTER,
waiting for the 'best'..
hehee.. u c.. now d expectations hav also grown up.. :D

deburn said...

Don't you stop....
Don't dare to speak...
Don't you wanna b on top..

So, let urself free...'s a freeworld my friend!!!
or am i still in an illusion...too.

Not to stop....

Not to speak...

And i wan't others 2 on top..!!!

Sonu said...

Hey Dude,

Nice yaar, tu to ab poet bhi ban gaya hai.....

Nice going buddy.....

Pyaar wyaar to nahi ho gaya tujhe kahin.....

- Jeetu

Ranjeet Mishra said...

hey dude!

B'ful thought covered in nice words.

poet ho gaya yaar tu to.
kaun hai jisne poet bana diya???